The libbitcoin project is an open source effort to produce C++ libraries for the use in creating cross-platform Bitcoin applications on top of a standard library. Libbitcoin was founded in 2011 to attempt to promote the authorship of Bitcoin applications that enable decentralization, financial privacy, and trust minimization, as Bitcoin Core does.

Libbitcoin is designed for Linux, OSX and Windows, with comprehensive support for all of those platforms. The project is separated into many modular libraries to enable a flexible array of application development possibilities. Notable projects making use of Libbitcoin are Airbitz, CoinKite, and OpenBazaar.


Amir Taaki, also known as genjix, led the effort to create the project in 2011, achieving the first full re-implementation of a Bitcoin node in a coding effort began by Patrick Strateman, also known as phantomcircuit. Luke-Jr also contributed to early efforts to the project.

Over time, the project expanded to include more and more dedicated components, and various project spawned from the libraries produced. Developers Phillip Mienk, William Swanson, and Erik Voskuil joined the project.