Bitcoin Libraries


bitcoinj is a Java library for working with Bitcoin at a reduced level of validation. The project was announced by Mike Hearn, March 7, 2011.


bitcoinj was originally named BitCoinJ, but in version 0.7 Mike Hearn retitled it bitcoinj. The original implementation development was sponsored by Google.

Wallets Using bitcoinj

  • Hive (defunct)
  • MultiBit / Multibit HD (not recommended)
  • Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet (not recommended)


BitcoinJS is an MIT licensed Javascript library for Bitcoin that is designed to be used on the web and by node.js applications. BitcoinJS features a modular design that offers a component for interacting with the Bitcoin p2p network, and a component for querying balances and transactions. The project has been under development since March, 2011.