Bitcoin ATMs

Automated vending machines for fiat and Bitcoin are often referred to as Bitcoin ATMs. This concept can encompass a one-way machine that most often simply sells Bitcoin, or a two-way machine in which the customer can withdraw fiat in a manner similar to how people would traditionally use fiat ATMs.

Types of ATMs

Since ATMs are owned by individual operators and created in a variety of models by a variety of companies, there is a wide variation in what a user will experience when they frequent a Bitcoin ATM.

Most ATMs will charge an exchange fee. You should expect to pay a rate similar to a rate that you would pay at a foreign exchange shop and not a rate similar to a traditional ATM, to account for exchange fees, and the lack of subsidy that traditional ATMs can carry from their banking customer's float.

Many ATMs will require AML/KYC to some degree, depending on traded amount and local regulations, operator tolerance to double spending risk.

ATM Companies