Bitcoin Exchanges

Asia Nexgen Bitcoin Exchange

The Asia Nexgen exchange, or ANX, provides a Hong Kong based exchange for international customers, and has been operating since 2013. ANX provides a debit card that can be used internationally as well as to withdraw from standard ATMs. is an exchange for buying and selling bitcoins in Germany that has been operating since August of 2011. Bank wires, SEPA, and Moneybookers are accepted deposit and withdrawal methods.


The Bitfinex exchange is a Hong Kong based international exchange. Bitfinex that is notable for featuring advanced trading options such as margin trading where traders can operate based on coin that can be lent to them at market based interest rates.


Bitstamp is an exchange operating since August of 2011 that provides an order-book, bid and ask based marketplace for off-chain Bitcoin trading.

Bitstamp accepts and offers international wire transfers and SEPA transfers in US Dollars, Euros, Pounds, and Swiss Francs.

BTC China

The BTC China exchange is a marketplace for Bitcoin operating since June of 2011 and based out of Beijing, focused on BTC-CNY trading.


The BTC-E exchange has been operating since August of 2011, making it an exchange with one of the longest histories of continuous operation. Trading currencies include various Altcions, Euros, Rubles, and USD.

BTC-E is seen to be closely linked with Russia, and is also seen as one of the more secretively operated exchanges.

Security History

BTC-E announced in July of 2012 that there had been a breach of their security which led to a loss of Bitcoin. When this incident was discovered, the exchange was shut down, however after a short period BTC-E restarted trading and announced that the company would cover losses to customer funds in full.


The Kraken exchange is a US based exchange that originally only served Euro based trades. It has since expanded to additional currency pairs, including US dollars.

In January of 2016 Kraken announced an acquisition of the exchanges Cavirtex and Coinsetter, enabling it to expand its business to Canada.

Kraken supports a variety of advanced features, such as dark pool trading which allows private bids on the order book.