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What can I do withbitco.in?

Welcome to withbitco.in: A centralized knowledge and resource hub for users of Bitcoin and related crypto currencies...

withbitco.in aims to bring together information and resources that will be of use to every member of the Bitcoin community, whether they are brand new to digital currencies or seasoned miners!

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Here are just a few things things you can do withbitco.in!

  • Faucets:
    • faucet.withbitco.in
      Collect totally free Bitcoin here several times daily, courtesy of withbitco.in!
    • Bitcoin Faucets that pay using faucethub.io
      A huge collection of Bitcoin Faucets that pay using faucethub.io!
    • Recent sentiment for Bitcoin
      Shows searches relating to Bitcoin to allow users to gauge sentiment for BTC; uses Google suggest to show the top ten search terms relating to the cryptocurrency for each letter of the alphabet following the word "Bitcoin" in a query.
  • Bitcoin 101:
    • A Primer on Bitcoin
      Check out our guide on the fundamentals of Bitcoin; this covers the basics of how Bitcoin works and how it can be used!
    • The Book of Bitcoin: thebookofbitcoin.github.io
      "A free and open resource to find information on Bitcoin: the currency project that aims to give every person on the planet a way to transact using an extremely reliable currency that requires no trust in another person."
  • Other Resources:
    • Mirror of http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer
      Local mirror of ck.kolivas.org's cgminer repo which holds the original verions of cgminer
    • Local mirror of smit1237.asuscomm.com:8080; a resource of files related to popular SHA-256 Bitcoin Mining ASICs
      This includes: Firmware and binary files for Bitmain Antminer and Bitfury ASICs, OPKG package repositories for Antminers, custom software and more!
    • External Faucets:
      • freebitco.in offers prizes of up to 200 USD every hour! Plus a whopping 50% referral rate!
      • faucet.bitcoins43.com awards free satoshi every 1440 minutes and provides a faucet rotator which provides easy navigation through multiple other faucets from one location. Referrals earn 10% of their referred users earnings.
      • moonbit.co.in allows you to claim satoshi from the faucet as frequently as every five minites if you wish! The longer you wait between visits the more satoshi you claim! This faucet features daily payout bonuses and a 50% lifetime commission on all referred user claims!

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